First post. ever.

23 Dec

So here goes. I figure I should jump on the bandwagon, too…put my stuff out there and hope for some scrilla the best.

But let me be the first to say…I GOT MY FIRST SHOW! All my own, whatever I want. Sounds like bliss right? Riiiigght. So if you just happen to be gaily strolling down Main Street in Northampton, MA, please stop by UNITE Footwear to take a look. Just 15 hours before I had Kendra on a ladder putting my prints up I got an email asking if I could get the job done. Well, why the fuck not? So I hauled ass and put whatever I could together for the show (still hauling btw). Some 15 hours later, we made the store come to life.

Peep HERE.

Here’s some photos from the actual placing of work. Thanks Ponyo..couldn’t have done it without you.

Not bad for a first post, huh?


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