25 Jan

Back from wonderful wonderful Hawaii, and somehow kendra and I have been stuck in the Bay Area with the facking flu. At least it has kept us out of the snow for just a little bit longer. Going back east is always hard but I’m ready to get back on the grind and start painting again. Honestly, I haven’t felt an artistic bone in my body for a whole month, but with all my grad applications done, I’m starting to get the itch.

One thing’s for sure, it’s hard to want to paint in the cold. Even though I’m lucky enough to haveĀ hijacked 47 Belmont’s basement and made it my own, it’s still facking freezing down there, and i’m beginning to think I’m gonna have to wear my delicious omni-heat gloves while spraying. I’ll let you know how the hell that goes. I arrive in Northampton on Wed, so hopefully I can stay positive and paint my ass off. 2011 has already been nuts, so let’s hope I can paint that way as well.

and I just thought I’d share for your enjoyment. i was siftin through some old family photos and found this baby.

I am definitely my father’s daughter:



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