freezing rain?

6 Feb


So call me crazy but with this gaddam weather I haven’t been able to do just about anything. It just makes me all cabin fever like sittin around thinking about who knows what. Thinking TOO much. Consequently I feel like I’m at a place with my art where I want to do bigger and better things but I just feel sort of stuck, literally…and this weather don’t help either.

I just feel like I’ve been sucking balls. No, not literally. Have you ever thought to yourself “What’s the facking point?” Well, lately it’s been hard for me to find inspiration in my art. It’s hard not to get caught up in making money or being the best just to be on top. What ever happened to art just for art’s sake? Is it art if you’ve got a masterpiece right above your bed but no one’s ever seen it?

I suppose where I’m going with all this is that these past few days I’ve realized that if I feel my portraits are sucking, maybe I need to take a step back and reevaluate my stencil making process. After all, I’ve taught myself everything I know about my process, so who says it’s the “right” way or even the “best” way? So I’ve been trying to step up my game and try out some new things.

In my previous post I showed you kind folks what I’ve been working on. I decided I’m gonna scrap that painting and try again, because if you’re not truly satisfied with the final product then you could always be working harder, right? RIGHT? Below is the Illustrator Image.. 4 layers, no bullshit.


Live painting videos to come.




Alas, please excuse this emo post as I google Seasonal Affective Disorder..



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