limited edition Egypt prints coming soon..

4 Mar

Yesterday I made front page I googled my name and there I was on some foreign website next to Banksy. It really is amazing what one can accomplish in a lifetime by just DOING it. No…not that kind.

As Ponyo says, some people talk about pursuing some great idea, while someone is actually out there DOING it. Its hard to see the Justin Beibers out there telling us to “follow our dreams” or “anything is possible,” when their lifestyles seem so far away from ours. But the one thing I’ve learned this entire process is that it’s just about putting yourself out there and doing it. If you love to dance, dance every day until your feet are sore an then some. If you love to write, you better have a blister so big on your middle finger from not putting down that pen for days. I guess Nike knows what they’re talking about when they say JUST DO IT.

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that’s been send to me from all over the world. This experience has been nothing but humbling; I know I’ve still got so much work do before resting on my laurels. Plus I gotta buy my folks that Berkeley dream house…

But there’s no way I couldn’t been able to do it without such a strong female team backing me up and supporting my decisions. Thank you Kendra Arimoto, Laurenmarie Reyes, Emily Wiest, Jeunee Simon, and Marissa Borjon for being my foundation and my strength. I’m forever indebted to this dynamic group of powerful womyn.

I’ve been getting lots of inquiries for the Egypt painting so I’ve decided to go ahead and make limited edition prints to go on sale soon. Please email to ensure you get your hands on one!

Thank you folks, now it’s back to work


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