Move Over David Choe

5 Oct

Ok ya’ll, I know I haven’t done this in quite some time so I’m just going to get right to the point. After a story.

Two years ago when I was a young lad my ladyfriend and partner in crime wrote to one of my favorite artists, David Choe. I didn’t know much at the time..I was practicing one layer stencils and making KidRobot Munny’s in my spare time. Other than that I was just a youngster trying to absorb all that I could about spray paint and graffiti. Anyway, she writes him trying to get me the chance to just watch him in action, breathe his air, etc etc. After the first few replies of really sexual inappropriate things commonly said by Mr. Choe (i.e “why don’t we all just scissor first”) he turned out to be not so much of a jerkoff and agreed to make it happen one day if he were ever in the area. Whatever. Nice of the dude but he’s a busy guy. Anyway, my point is that in that place in time David Choe always seemed like a long shot to me. Somewhere I didn’t even comprehend how to get to. I would stare at his website for hours just to try and learn something. He was ding big things and I wasn’t. Until now.

Until now, the Facebook offices in Palo Alto have only been painted by Mr. Choe and some other guy (excuse me for forgetting his name).  And now me. I was gonna wait to announce this but I wanted to share the good news with you guys. I also wanted to show my process with this project, since its the most ginormous piece(s) I’ve ever facking done. I’m doing three 4 ft x 8 ft panels, designed for a lounge called the L&Disco: Where you learn and groove. (I.e they wanted it disco themed). So I was like the hell do I make this awesome AND keep it all about women? I sure as hell wasn’t gonna paint any more men up there. The answer:

Diana Ross, Madonna, and Cher.

I’ll post more pictures in a bit, but for now here’s a bit of what I’ve been experiencing for the last three weeks or so. Enjoi, betch.

4 ft x 6 ft stencil = need TWO facking tables to cut! cheesus.

cutting, cutting for weeks

yup, stiiill cutting

many many many Exacto knives later..

ya see her? 1 of 12 handcut stencils..

pasting the background down on 4ft x 8ft plywood with matte medium

A closer look: I designed and printed the letting for the background of the image

putting down the second later for Cher. and yes I have to work in a laundry room. you do what you can.

a closer look at layers 1-3. just need the black to finish!

done and done. only two more panels to go. oh boy.

All in all, I’m fucking THRILLED to be back in the Bay. Time to take over the city Sabogal style.

So move aside Davd Choe, I’m comin’ for ya. 


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