Peace Rises – The Exhibit

18 Oct

For those of you good folks in Eellay, make sure to check out the Los Angeles Premier of the 2011 Peace Project on October 22, 6-10pm at 3830 Main St. Culver City, CA. 

 Through creativity and community, we can change the world.

Last year, The Whole 9 asked the question, “If one person can singlehandedly get World Peace Day on the calendar, what can an entire creative community do?” Our accomplishments have answered this question and shown that when creative people come together and take action – lives are changed, communities are changed, and countries can be changed.

On September 21st, World Peace Day, The Peace Project will lead a coalition of partners (including UNICEF), and get the country of Sierra Leone off the ground by providing 10,000 pairs of crutches and mobility devices to everyone in need throughout this entire post-conflict country (home to over 20% of the world’s amputees). This historic effort will be publicized around the world in an effort to show that dramatic change and sustainable peace is possible if people work together.

We gathered the momentum needed to launch this heroic effort last year with The Peace Project’s Call for Artists. This competition, the submission fees and the resulting sales from exhibit artwork displayed were instrumental in funding the early days of The Peace Project. This year, we’re launching another Call for Artists. Please join us and keep the momentum going.


A painting I made for Libya was lucky enough to be chosen for this event. It will also be making its way to the Bay Area on November 9th at the Swarm Gallery in Oakland. Might you kind folks join me? 


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