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20th Anniversary Edition of Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out Of Carolina

8 Mar

It finally came out!!

A year ago I received an email from Penguin Books asking me to paint the 20th Anniversary cover for Dorothy Allison’s Bastard Out of Carolina. It was finally released on February 28th! Please go out and support this powerful work of fiction!

Check it out on USA TODAY!!


Facebook Women’s Space HACK

3 Feb

FB women hired me to design stencils of their heros to spray around the office. Check out the workshop followed by our space HACK!

First Official Video of 2012

9 Jan



Facebook Backdrop

28 Nov

My back drop for the National Center for Women In Technology (NCWIT)’s SIT WITH ME Campaign at FACEBOOK! Rawr.


Thank you, Facebook!!

Not so Wooster

18 Oct

So I’m trying to stay away (although quite tempting) from the typical street art blogs — Saber did this, Banksy did this, men men, blah blah — and instead, pay tribute to smaller folks like me that are doing big thangs for their communities around them.

So real quick to get things going, I wanted to show ya’ll what Favianna Rodriguez has been up to lately. It looks like she has been on some sort of woodblock retreat in Syracuse, NY. Anyway, I’ve been stalking her progress and am super impressed by her bossy ass prints. Check out more of her latest works here.

I think it’s time for a collabo, no?



Madonna for your Mama

14 Oct

Ok so here’s the deal. Less than 24 hours left until shit needs to be handed in. For some reason, Madonna is being a little asshole and not drying correctly. But after much stress (and ok I’ll admit tears), shit’s done and done. At the end of the day I just kept reminding myself that putting something out there at 90% is better than waiting until it’s 100%. Because while you’re waiting for that next 10% to happen, some else out there will put it out first. Done is better than perfect, riiiight. Enjoi!

Puttin down layer one..the start of a VERY long day


layer two's all set!


detail shot of miss Madonna's hair


less than 24 hours until my deadline, and shit was NOT drying correctly. had to abandon ship asap


Peelin' off layer 3 for the win!



i'd tap that



All In A Day’s Work

10 Oct

Two more days until the Facebook “Unveiling”

Here’s some quick snap shots of what I was working on today.

putting down the first layer of paint

just finished layer 2! shaoo

Diana Ross, ladies and gentleman.

detail shot of Miss Ross!

And no, this didn’t just take me a day. Remember those stencils that were twice my size I had to cut out? No fancy Shepard Fairey interns cutting for me over here. Till next time! Stay clean, kids!