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First Official Video of 2012

9 Jan




For Libya

6 Apr

For universal women’s rights. For the silenced, for the unfree.

“Womyn So Empowered” Part Deux

7 Feb

Phew. That was a buttload of pictures. In case you missed the video, I decided to put up these womyn at our local Starbucks here in Northampton, MA. Starbucks is super mainstream all over the world, and they get a shit ton of foot traffic so I thought it would be perfect to physically shove these womyn into the limelight and make everybody look at who the hell they actually are. 94% of this town prolly never heard of these legends anyway. So cheers to Audre Lorde, Yuri Kochiyama, Lorraine Hansberry, and the lovely Cherríe Moraga.

All photographs by Kendra Arimoto. Thank you to my lovely for all your help…and patience with my clumsy ass. Cheers, queers.

Volumen Dos: fiesta time

9 Nov

A few photos from the opening at The RANT Gallery on November 6, 2010. Many thanks to Roth, who accompanied our asses all damn day, Emily and Scottie for helping hang all them ladies, oh and for the porno they graciously handed me when I walked in, and to everyone else that took the time to drive their asses to the middle of nowhere to look at my ladies. THANK YOU.

Cheers, beers.


suuuper exhausted after this one..these girls took the life outta me, literally. But now its time to plan for my next show on December 3 at Salon 421. I’m havin trouble deciding what should go on their walls..”no nudes” the owner said. fml i ain’t about to paint no lilies and children. i guess we’ll have to wait and see! until mañanaaaa

ps thank you muse ponyo

the living art studio. show numero dos

13 May

Women So Empowered Are Dangerous
Solo Exhibition featuring new works by Jessica Sabogal

Opening Reception on May 14, 2010, 6-9pm
May 14, 2010 – June 10, 2010

Living Art Studio
219 Main Street, Northampton, MA

Living Art Studio is pleased to present Women So Empowered Are Dangerous, a solo exhibition of new work by Jessica Sabogal, Colombian American graffit artist, as its May 14 – June 10th installment for Northampton’s Monthly Art Walk. Titled not only in reference to the works of Audre Lorde, the exhibition pays homage to fierce women warriors, Audre Lorde, Cherríe Moraga, Yuri Kochiyama, and Lorraine Hansberry, who, armed with poetics, paper, pen, and passion for human rights, broke ground for today’s generation of women of color.

With back-breaking effort and courage befitting the title Women So Empowered Are Dangerous, Sabogal uses portraiture and spray paint to capture the radical, impassioned spirit and fierceness of four women of color she admires, gives thanks to, and attempts to emulate. Says Sabogal, “These women are not considered beautiful, featured in the limelight, or put on pedestals by mainstream society. I wanted to recognize these women, give visibility to often faceless and nameless women who fight for my (our) empowerment and existence.”

With her exhibit, Sabogal builds a house of subverted art upon Hansberry, Lorde, Kochiyama, and Moraga’s broken ground. In the male-dominated world of stencil and graffiti art, Sabogal dares to reinvent the purpose of a spray can by using it to tell the stories of women, the struggles of women, and in this case make tangible and visible the presence and history of women, specifically that of women of color. Sabogal muses, “I hope this exhibit inspires action. It’s great that people come out, see art, and get educated, but I hope that they don’t stop thinking about these women once they leave the gallery. I hope that they go out, read their poetry, plays, and books. I hope other women of color will aspire to follow in their footsteps. I hope the community, men and women and children alike, will be inspired to step up and make sure these voices make it into history books, into everyday rhetoric, and that these portraits, these paintings, are just the beginning of something bigger, something involving all of us.”

Chelsea Naftelberg or Scot Padgett
413.584.3758 //


Mil gracias to Kendra. MIL

Janice Sapigao’s ERWP

4 May

CLICK HERE to see more of the Everyday Revolutionary Womyn Project by the one and only, Janice Sapigao.

Thanks to people like Janice, Shit gets done, son.

new cans produce new peelings.

29 Apr

NEW CANS!! Brought to you by, these babies came in the mail this morning. It’s been really frustrating to not be bale to go outside and paint whenever I want, thanks to good ‘ol MA, but today I checked the weather and I had about an hour before the rain started. At 7:00 PM, a time that often possess mucho magic, I created this on our balcony before it got too dark:

Cherríe Moraga

Activist, Xicana, Teacher, Playwrite, and a true inspiration to us all

$300 USD.