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Artwork moves to new Facebook Office!

9 Feb



Facebook Women’s Space HACK

3 Feb

FB women hired me to design stencils of their heros to spray around the office. Check out the workshop followed by our space HACK!

First Official Video of 2012

9 Jan



NYC for FB client

23 Dec


biggie smalls

18 Oct

These last few days have been a trip and half. So to catch you up to speed:

Loading up three 4ft x 8 ft panels into that damn Uhaul

finally done. time to kick off the grown man shoes and sleep for the next 3 days. thanks for coming along for the ride.


Above all, I’m grateful. I’m super humbled and blessed to have been a part of this experience. All day everyone kept asking me what I was feeling and I kept saying, “I just can’t believe I did that.” It’s weird, and maybe I shouldn’t be saying this on here but wutevvvaa..sometimes I super doubt myself. But don’t we all? I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you never know what you can accomplish. Just because you’ve never done it before, or just because the idea seems crazy doesn’t mean it can’t be done, doesn’t mean YOU can’t be the one to do it.

Anyway, I wanted to say a special thank you to everyone that has believed in my art and supported me along the way. Thank you Kendra and Sara Sperling. Thank you Mom and Dad, Alex and Carol. Don’t worry, I’ll have us all in Hawaii in no time.