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Facebook Women’s Space HACK

3 Feb

FB women hired me to design stencils of their heros to spray around the office. Check out the workshop followed by our space HACK!


First Official Video of 2012

9 Jan



For Libya

6 Apr

For universal women’s rights. For the silenced, for the unfree.

Money Shot Shoot

13 Feb


Thank you to my lovely models Reagan Sehring, Tara Amber, and Paige Nelson for being such power ninjas on ice. Emily Wiest and Ari Damasco..I couldn’t have done it without ya’ll. This shoot turned out suuuper sick and¬†exactly¬†how I always imagined it. I feel blessed to have worked with such a powerful and diverse set of beautiful womyn.

TOMORROW’S THE DAY EVERYONE!! How else are you gonna keep your hunny fly without this dope ass Money Shot shirt? Stay tuned for the official launch of the Money on Valentines Day FEB 14,2011!!!

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