la mujer

La Mujer Es Mi Religión
Solo Exhibition featuring new works by Jessica Sabogal
September 2010
Opening Reception Friday, September 3rd 5pm-2am
Beta Lounge 2129
Durant, Berkeley, CA

Beta Lounge (Berkeley, CA) is pleased to present La Mujer Es Mi Religión, a solo exhibition of new work by Jessica Sabogal, Colombian American graffit artist, for the month of September 2010. Titled not only in reference to jota dialogue in Cherríe Moraga’s Giving Up The Ghost*, the exhibition seeks to exalt rather than conquer the female form.

Spraycan in hand, Sabogal enters the heart of la mujer, embracing the pus the blood the sweat, so to make the womyn’s body “remember it didn’t have to be that hurt, ¿Me entiendes?”* Each painting is like a prayer or meditation upon the twisted, stained-sheet jota terrain. As for the human subject, Sabogal says, “The womyn you see is worthy of human rights and equally deserving of some damn good, healthy sex.”

With the same radical fierce bravery we’ve come to fear/embrace/expect in Sabogal’s art, LaMujer Es Mi Religión uses stencil and spray paint to worship the jota, celebrating Her in all self-possessed erotic glory. “I see her hands as vividly as I see her tits,” says Sabogal. “I see her feet as worn, wrinkled and as sexy as her ass. I see her as whole and inspiring and wise. La mujer, especially the loving of la mujer, cracks open your heart and bares your soul. Loving la mujer – to quote another artist – makes breathing hard and bleeding easy. Art isn’t any different.” All this while Sabogal simultaneously up’s her artist’s game by adding more layers of stencil and further experimenting with her signature bright color repertoire.

La Mujer Es Mi Religión brings this Bay Area native’s work home for the first time. Currently, Sabogal is best known for her East Coast exhibitions. One of the most important young-up-and-coming artistas, be sure to keep an eye on the girl who keeps taking the boys (like Fairey
and Cho) to task.

Join Jessica Sabogal at the Opening Reception on Friday, September 3rd 5pm-2amPST hosted by The Beta Lounge (Berkeley, CA) featuring DJ Syrehn.

The Beta Lounge



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